ᴀsᴋ ʀᴇᴀʟ ʟɪғᴇ ғᴀɪ! ʜʏᴜᴜ~

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Anonymous asked: Your absolutely amazing and seriously as a cosplayer i really look up to you ^w^. not a question but yeah!

Oh my god ;///;

I … you haven’t a clue how much I needed this.

I sorta abandoned this blog as soon as I got in a relationship with my dear friend. We were supposed to answer them together as Kuro and Fai and hell maybe we still will.

But… thank you so much, I… I just thank you.

(( So I ended up doing a mini, casual!Sakura-Hime photoshoot today with a couple of amazing friends *one of them being one of my Sakura’s who answer questions with me!* and I adored this shot and yeah! >u< I felt pretty for a change! :DD ))

Hey! —

I wanted to apologize for disappearing so randomly and quickly earlier >u<;;

The mun behind this Fai muse had some errands to run for Elsa & Rapunzel cosplay plans in the nearish future. I’ll maybe attend to some more this upcoming week *Perhaps with Sakura-chan assisting? Ahaha~ mou so sad but she seems to be the only one interested in helping me on here anymore >n<”;;* So! Stay tuned one and all~ ;D

Hey guys! I&#8217;m doing asks! So feel free to leave some! I only have a couple so far but I&#8217;d love to answer some more! 

*also my sunglasses keep falling off so if they disappear I apologize for not being in full garb* =u=